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vendemos fully welded ball valve

e-mail: [email protected]

The fully-welded ball valve adopts forged material, welded body, instead of bolts and nuts, to aviod any potential leakage from body.
The forged body with regular structure and even thickness can avoid shrinkage cavities, pin holes, cracks, sand holes and other defects occurring to casting body valves.
Fully-welded ball valves can be spherical and cylindrical type. Usually the spherical type has only one welding seam on the body, the cylindrical type has two welding seam on the body.
The ball valve are designed in accordance with ISO14313、,API 6D,
Simple structure with good tightness and small torque,
With a fully-welded valve body, full bore and the minimum flow resistance
Emergency sealant injection,
Cavity pressure self relief,
Low emission packing,
Fire safe, anti-static and anti-blowout stem design,
Valve seat function DBB, DIB-1, DIB-2,
Optional overlay stainless steel on body to seat surface and/or gasket container surface, 
Be able to be used for underground installation without corrosion of interior parts, therefore, it is the best application for petroleum and natural gas line systems,
Service life up to 30 years.
Product Range
Body material: ASTM:A105、,LF2、,F52、, F51 etc.
Nominal diameter:2"~,48"(,DN50~DN1200),
Pressure range:Class150~,2500(,PN10~PN420),
End connection: RF, RTJ, BW
Working temperature:-46℃,~,+200℃,
Operation:Wrench, worm gear, electric , pneumatic , gas over oil actuator and electro-hydraulic actuator.

Publicado por: Jiangsu Taurus Equipo de Recursos Energéticos Co., Ltd
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Jiangsu Taurus Equipo de Recursos Energéticos Co., Ltd
Local: Suzhou - JI - China
Es una empresa de ciencia y tecnología que integra la investigación, la creación, la consulta, el diseño, la elaboración y la venta. Los productos son: el equipo del control de líquido (la válvula) y el equipo de la protección ambiental

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