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Solar/Wind-Powered Mobile Light Tower

Zhejiang Changshan Hent Machinery is introducing a new generation of light towers that significantly reduce environmental impact.
The new MSLT Solar/Wind-Powered Mobile Light Towers meet customer demand for highly efficient and sustainable portable lighting equipment and are charged by the sun during the day and are powered by batteries during the night and have a very low life cycle cost. Customers enjoy the value of not having to use costly fuel to operate, no engine and alternator to maintain and that they are noiseless.

1.The MSLT solar light towers include four high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels and a Vertical wind turbine ,backed up by a rapid AC charger.
2.The large battery banks store power for several nights of lighting (up to a 40 hour reserve) to allow use during cloudy days or inclement weather.
3.Light towers are equipped with automated solar panels that can be positioned toward the sun to maximize solar energy gain combined with a wind vertical wind turbine to add additional wind power at night and during inclement weather.
4. A telescoping mast equipped with 4 solid-state LED flood lights and long-life Power Module with sealed, AGM, deep-cycle batteries to store energy for use when needed.

Features and Benefits
1.Single self-braking winch design for fast and easy tower erection and extension
2.Tower mast safety lock
3.360° rotation of tower for pin-pointing light position
4.Zero carbon footprint during operation
5.Total automatic operation (photocell, 24/7 timer or manual)
6.Battery protection against low voltage discharge or high voltage over charging
7.Upgrades Available, please contact us for details

We also have a variety of solar lighting towers to choose ,we're sure that our products will make you more satisfied. If you have any comments or questions , please feel free to contact us.

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Local: Quzhou - IN - Brazil
Portátil solar farol, com alta eficiência e baterias de gel luzes solares ao longo da vida de led para as necessidades de iluminação noturna e exterior.

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