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Pro Data Doctor Pvt. Ltd.

Company overview is one of the pioneers software development company in India and highly committed to deliver fast, advanced and cost-effective product to meet growing market needs. help in understanding client's requirements and offers customized solutions in various specialized areas in the competitive market by implementing innovative ideas and techniques.
Our mission mission is to deliver award winning data recovery software and business products by applying upcoming technologies and ideas for corporations, organizations and individuals. constantly work upon our goals and expand our reach to our valuable customers.
What we provide delivers highly optimized set of solutions for our customers. Our quality based and cost-effective products fulfill our clients specific business needs.
Data Recovery Software provides different data recovery software to get back your lost or deleted data from different types of storage devices.
Our data recovery products are

, DDR Professional Data Recovery Software , FAT data recovery software
, NTFS data recovery software , Digital camera data recovery software
, Digital picture recovery software , Memory card data recovery software
, Removable media data recovery software , Pen drive data recovery software
, iPod data recovery software
, Sim card data recovery software , Pen drive recovery software for Mac
, Professional data recovery software for Mac , Removable media recovery software for Mac
, Memory card recovery software for Mac , Mobile phone recovery software for Mac
, Digital camera data recovery for Mac , Outlook and outlook express Password recovery software
, Internet explorer password recovery

Database conversion software offers different database conversion software to convert entire database records from one format to another format. Our data base conversion software are
, MSSQL to MySQL database converter software
, MySQL to MSSQL database converter software
, MSAccess to MySQL database converter software
, MySQL to MS Access database converter software
, MySQL to MS Excel database converter software
, MS Excel to MySQL database converter software
, MySQL to Oracle database converter software
, Oracle to MySQL database converter software
Mobile text messaging software mobile text messaging software helps you to send bulk numbers of text messages from your mobile phone with the help you computer.
We offer different mobile text messaging software including
, Bulk SMS software-Professional
, Bulk SMS software for GSM mobile phones
, Bulk SMS software for Windows mobile phones
, Bulk SMS software for BlackBerry mobile phones
, Bulk SMS software for Android mobile phones
, Pocket PC to mobile bulk SMS software
, Bulk SMS software (multi device edition )
Barcode label maker software provides different barcode label maker software to design and print attractive barcode labels for different business organizations.
We provide
, Barcode label maker software (professional)
, Barcode label maker software (Standard)
, Barcode label maker software for Mac
, Barcode label maker for publisher and library
, Barcode label maker for healthcare industry
, Barcode label maker software for post office and bank
, Barcode label maker for packaging supply and distribution industry
, Barcode label maker for industrial manufacturing and warehousing
, Barcode label maker for inventory control and retail business
Card designing software provides Card and label designing software will help you to create ID card, birthday card, business card, product label, price stickers and other types of cards and labels.
We provide
, Card and label designing software
, Birthday cards designing software
, Business card maker software
, Greeting card maker software
, ID card design software
Best Business Building Tools provides different business software to automate and simplify complex business process.
, Financial accounting software (Standard Edition) - Maintain the accounting records of your business organization.
, Financial accounting software (Enterprise Edition) - Manage entire business accounting and financial details of your company with barcode support.
, Purchase order organizer software- Maintain sales and purchase orders process of your business organization.
, Employee Planner Software- Manages day to day employee's activities in easiest way.
, Tour and Training Management Software- Maintains Tour and Training records of your company employees.
Our other products are
Install builder software

, MSI to EXE creator software -Converts default MS-visual studio .net framework MSI installation setup packages to similar exe installer format.
, Set up creator software- Creates professional setup for your Windows applications.
Webmaster tools

, Online chat software-provides effective help desk solution to interact with your website visitors in real time.
, Website uptime monitoring software-checks and monitors performance of a website in real time.
, Back link checker software -Easily monitors back links of the websites for the popularity on the World Wide Web.
Forensics and Monitoring Tools provides different monitoring software for forensic analysis and scientific investigation usage such as

, Key logger software-Tracks and records other users activities performed on your PC.
, Advanced key logger software -Monitors entire pc activities including types keystrokes, clipboard contents, voice chat conversation and takes Windows screen shots periodically.
, Keylogger software for Mac- Monitors external users' activities performed on your Apple Macintosh OS installed machine.
, Data wiper software - Permanently wipes traces of deleted sensitive files and folders unused disk space from hard disk and USB drives.
, Pocket PC forensic software- Provides details information of about your pocket PC, PDA, smart phone device in easiest way.
, USB data theft protection tool for windows- helps you to monitor plug-in or plug-out activities of any USB storage device on client machine configured on Windows network.
Application areas delivers optimized solutions for House, Retail Industry, Finance, Health Agencies, Transportation, Security, Networking, Pharmaceutical, Telecom Industry, Corporate Management and spanning across other emerging fields.
We believe

, Meet strategic business goals
, 100% secure transactions
, Satisfaction guaranteed
, Improve speed and quality
, Free technical support
, Optimized costs and efficiencies
Why us has Passion for developing innovative software solutions is surpassed only by our commitment to our client success. We listen to our customers, understand their needs, connect with them and then provide custom solutions that will satisfy them. fully dedicated to ensure our clients measurable results. Our high quality are worldwide popular. We understand the fact that how much time and work is precious for our customers. We provide reliable products by distinguishing them through their functional and technical expertise. We try our level best to give highly optimized solution for living up to your expectations and standards.

Publicado por: Tyagi Tyagi,manufacturer
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Tyagi Tyagi,manufacturer
Local: Ghaziabad - UP - Brazil
Www. Prodatadoctor. Com é uma das empresa de desenvolvimento de software na índia pioneiros e altamente comprometidos a entregar produto rápido, avançado e custo-benefício para atender às necessidades de mercado em crescimento.

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