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Powder premixes - Walnut filling

- powder premix with walnut for the fast and easy production of pastry walnut filling
- high walnut content
- same high quality filling,every time
- bake and freeze/thaw stable filling
- mixed only with cold water,with a hand wisk or in a planetary mixer,the walnut filling is ready in less than 2 minutes
- leave the filling in the bowl for a few minutes,to completely absorb the water
- smooth paste structure ,easy to deposit with a piping bag for a craft production,as well as with electro-mechanic or pneumatic depositors,on automatic pastry make-up lines,for an industrial production.


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Publicado por: Eurocas Romania
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Eurocas Romania
Local: Lugoj - TM - Brazil
House of european tradition and knowledge in the confectionery and pastry products, the eurocas group of companies produces, distributes and exports high quality ingredients for the pastry and confectionery producers.

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