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Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose /HPMC /FOOD

Product name: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose
Product synopsis
1. The chemical name
Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC)
English name: Hydroxy propyl Methyl Cellulose (hereinafter referred to as HPMC)
Molecular formula: C12H20O10 molecular weight: 324.2848 CAS no: 9004-65-3

2.Product application
HPMC is widely used in food industry. For dairly drinking and seasonings, HPMC can thicken stabilize and improve taste. In addition, HPMC is also used in ice cream, bread, cake, biscuit, instant noodle and fast paste food for product molding, taste improvement, water retaining and tenacity strengthening. The products with high degree of substitution have good stability for acid and good thickening character.
1. Thickening: HPMC can produce high viscosity at low concentration. It also acts as lubricant.
2. Water retention: HPMC is a water binder, helps increase shelf life of food.
3. Suspending aid: HPMC acts as emulsifier and suspension stabilizer, particularly in icings to control ice crystal size.
4. Film forming: HPMC can produce a film on the surface of fried, eg. instant noodle and prevent absorption of excessive vegetable oil.
5. Chemical stability: HPMC is resistant to heat, light, mold and commonly used chemicals.
6. Physiologically inert: HPMC as a food additive has no caloric value can not be metabolized.

We can according to the customer's requirements to production.

4.Packaging requirements
Paper bags or cardboard drums of 25kgs net each. 36 months under dark, seal, cool and dry conditions.

5.Regulatory Compliance
Meet GB1904-2010 Standard.

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Local: Jinzhou - HB - Brazil
Carboxy methyl cellulose(cmc) and hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose(hpmc)

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