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Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose /HPMC /Construction

1. The chemical name
Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC)
English name: Hydroxy propyl Methyl Cellulose (hereinafter referred to as HPMC)

Molecular formula: C12H20O10 molecular weight: 324.2848 CAS no: 9004-65-3
2.Product use
HPMC is used in industry for the main purpose of the production of PVC in dispersing agent, and system suspension polymerization preparation PVC main additives. In addition, in other petrochemical, paint, building materials, paint remover, agricultural chemicals, printing ink, textile printing and dyeing, ceramics, paper, cosmetics and other products production of thickening agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, excipients, water retention agent, film forming agent, etc. In the application of synthetic resin, can make products with particle neat, loose, depending on the specific gravity is appropriate, processing characteristics of excellent performance, so as to basically replaced gelatin and pva as dispersing agent. In addition, in the construction industry in the process of construction, mainly for the wall, mortar plaster, sealing and mechanization construction, Especially in decorative construction, used as stickup ceramic tile, marble, plastic adornment, paste high strength, but also can reduce the dosage of cement. Used in paint industry in thickening agent, can make the layer light is exquisite, not to take off powder, improve the levelling properties.
3.Technical indexes
HPMC Construction Grade
Technique index
Methoxy (WT%)
Hydroxypropoxy (WT%)
Gelling temperature (℃,)
Water (WT%)
Particle Size
Min.95% pass through100 meshes
4.Physicochemical Property
1, Appearance: white or kind of white powder.
2, Granularity: 100 mesh percent of pass more than 98.5%, 80 mesh passing rate is more than 100%.
3, Carbonization temperature: 280-300 ℃,
4, Apparent density: 0.25-0.70 / cm3 (usually in 0.5 g/cm3 or so), specific gravity of 1.26-1.31.
5, Colour temperature: 190-200 ℃,
6, Surface tension: 2% aqueous solution for 42-56 dyn/cm.
7, HPMC can be soluble in water and part of the solvent, such as the right proportion of ethanol/ water, propyl alcohol/water, trichloroethane, etc. Aqueous solution has the surface activity. Transparency is high, stable performance, different specifications of products gel temperature is different, solubility with viscosity and change, the low viscosity, solubility, the greater the different specifications HPMC its performance has a certain difference, HPMC in dissolved in water are not affected by PH value influence.
8,,HPMC with methoxy content reduce, gel point rise, water solubility drops, the surface activity also declined.
9, HPMC also has the thickening ability, salt resistance low ash powder, PH stability, water retention, dimension stability, excellent film-forming property, and a wide range of resistance to enzymatic, dispersity and caking characteristics.
Through technology improvement and equipment upgrades, in the original specification basis we also developed upgrade the product. The major including surface treatment type products, speed solvent products, modified products, etc.(Representativemodel:75JY15000Q3,75JY75000S,75JY150000S,75JY200000S).
25kg multiply paper bags with PE inner.
7.Storage and Shelf Life
2 years under cool, dry conditions in original packaging away from heat sources. It is recommended to use the product in rotation on a first-in first-out basis.

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Carboxy methyl cellulose(cmc) and hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose(hpmc)

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