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Gynaecology vaginal tightening vaginal rejuvenatio

What is it?

Every woman, throughout her life, will have many questions about how to best manage her health. Each stage in a woman’s life brings with it specific issues, including decisions about routine care, birth control, fertility, pregnancy and menopause. Women need to feel as if they have a trusted advocate and partner to help them navigate the often confusing messages that abound about women’s health.

Safer saline environment
Contact use for tactile feedback
Good visibility
Rare complications
High success rate in outpatient setting
Excellent haemostasis and tissue vaporisation speed
Lower cost compared to surgery

Clinical Introduction

Using standard diagnostic hysteroscopes and specially designed fibers you can vaporize in contact polyps and myomas. Laser energy does not contract the lining muscle tissues which results in a procedure performed with minimal pain and requiring only minimal local anesthesia. The treatment is done using continuous flow which provides a clean environment. Laser energy allows for precise control of the tissue vaporization with no bleeding and immediately visible results.

Colposcopy Applications

HPV lesions

Cysts of the mucosa

Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

Fornix and cupola pathologies

Ectopic lesions

Benign erythroplakia

Laparoscopic Laser Treatments

Fallopian tube microsurgery
Ectopic pregnancy
Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
Resection of uterine septum
Ablation of the uterosacral ligaments
Ovarian drilling (PCOS)

Publicado por: Wuhan Gigaa Optronics Technology Co., Ltd.
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Wuhan Gigaa Optronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Local: Wuhan - HB - China
Medical diode laser system, dental e oral care, equipamentos de cirurgia, equipamentos médicos veterinários, laser lipólise.

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