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Disc Type Automatic Tool Changer

wood door, wooden picture frame, plank plate, solid wave plate processing, screen and window processing, cabinet gate, building model, wood pattern, aero wood pattern, propeller, foam vehicle mould, the tri-dimensional surface of violin, and other musical instruments, external cutting and engrave pattern, handwriting of frame on the instruments.

1.Gantry movement
2.Heavy-duty welded steel structure
3.X ,Y axis rack and pinion drive, Z axis precision ball screw drive
4.8-position carousel/rotary type tool holder system
5.Automatic tool change.
6.24,000rpm high-performance Italian HSD spindle ISO30 tapper
7.PC-based CNC control system
8.High torque/high speed servo motor(brushless AC closed loop servo)
9.Powerful regenerative vacuum pump and the gridded suction table
10.Pneumatic stabilizer to ensure a balanced operation of Z-axis
11.Three-axis high-speed heavy duty rectangular linear guide rail.
12.Independently controllable suction table area for different work-piece
13.Centralized automatic lubrication system

Disc Magazine
Tool loading capacity 8.
Accommodates ISO30 Tool Holders
Tool change can be fast accomplished in only 10 seconds (adjacent tool).
PC Based CNC Control User-friendly Operation
The machine is equipped with a PC based CNC control with powerful functions.
The CNC control can be on lined with internet and accommodates USB transfer interface.
Open type human-machine interfacing.
High speed and high accuracy.
USB transfer interface.

Control panel
Provides connection of mouse for operation control, that increases operational convenience.
Start and stop controls for automatic cycle and single-block execution.
Separate Operator Control Console
HSD High-frequency Spindle
The HSD high-frequency spindle provides a maximum speed up to 24,000 RPM as standard.
The spindle accepts ISO 30 tool shank.
Powerful Vacuum Suction Table
The table is fitted with a compact board drilled with holes for vacuum suction of work piece.
The positions of vacuum suction holes can be drilled according to customers work piece types.
Powerful Vacuum Generator
The vacuum generator provides extra powerful vacuum for the table, that holds work piece securely during machining.
Air Cylinder Counter-balance
The spindle head is counter-balanced by an air cylinder which upgrades machining stability and accuracy.
Linear Ways on 3 Axes
The X,Y,Z-axis slider ways employ precision linear ways exhibiting extra smooth movement and high speed traverses.
Moving Columns
The moving-columns structure greatly saves occupied area of the machine.
The double columns move on heavy-duty linear guide ways, featuring great rigidity and stability.
Control Circuit Meets CE Standards
The control circuit uses high quality electronic parts, that feature maximum dependability of motion controls and long service life.
Advanced Interfaces
The controller is provided with ports for features USB transfer function.

Technical performance:
Space-Overall 2250*4400*1900mm
Max working size 1500*3650*200mm
Frame: Heavy-duty welded steel structure
Table Type : Vacuum suction table with 5.5kw.
Spindle: Italy 8kw HSD ISO30
Control System: Taiwan LNC M520i
Rail way: Taiwan Hiwin 30mm rectangle guide rail
Drive Type: Taiwan Delta Servo Motor with 750w
Drives: X.Y axis rack and pinion, Z axis precision Ball screw
Tool style: Disc type,8tools,Tool change can be accomplished automatically.
Tool holder diameter: 3.175-18mm
Tool change time:10s
Travel speed:40000mm/min
Cutting speed:20000mm/min
Voltage:3 Phase 380V 60HZ
Weight :2300kg

Publicado por: Diacam Cnc Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Diacam Cnc Equipment Co., Ltd.
Local: Yizheng City - 86 - China
Cnc router

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