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Auto feed drill head

Please select product models you required according to shape,material,harness,bit diameter and rotational speed(cutting speed),and please refer to the above table for your determination.
Maximum drilling diameter in this table is the number value that drilling depth is twice diameter.
Standard damper subsidiary is model RB-2430,you can select to purchase other models according to your demands.(we provide Model RB-2460, RB-2460, RB-2480, RB-24100, RB-3140, RB-3160, RB-31100, for your selection)
Maximum masses of attachment of drilling downward vertically are 13kg.
Please indicate voltage and number of circle of motor that you require when order.
Dissembled the belt wheel alternatively

Our company Professional manufactured Power Head Drilling, Self Feed Drilling Heads, Hydro Speed Regulator, Hydraulic Dampers, A Wind Power Type Drill, Multi Spindle Head, Universal Stand, Level Clamp, Drilling Heads, Multi-Drill Head, Hydro Speed Regulator, Hydraulic Speed Controllers, Power Tapping Head, Servo Tapping Machine, Multiple Spindle Drill Heads, Multi Head Drilling Machine, Multi-Station Combination Machine Tools, Non Standard Automation Equipment, Of various precision, non standard combination machine tools
Taizhou PURROS Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Taizhou Zhejiang province which city have developed manufacturing. It is a collection of development, design manufacturers, sale and service as a whole.
Our company product quality is stable, complete specifications, widely used in automation equipment, automotive components manufacturing and processing, high-precision drilling and other industries.

Publicado por: Purros
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Local: Taizhou - ZH - Brazil
Hydro speed regulator, drill power heads, multi spindle head

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