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hydroxyethyl cellulose(HEC)/oil drilling

Our oil drilling hydroxyethyl cellulose serves as the thickener in various types of mud needed by such operations as drilling, completion, cementing, and fracturing. It can provide mud with desirable fluidity and stability.

During the drilling process, our product can improve the mud-carrying ability, and also stop much water from entering the oil layer. For high-speed drilling, it can timely and effectively cool the drills and extend the service life. The anti-calcium capacity of drilling fluid can be also improved.

In well-cementation mud or low-solids drilling fluid, the outstanding water-holding performance of this HEC is able to improve the yield of oil well. Additionally, its superior rheological property can decrease the pump power and pump pressure.

As the glue in fracturing fluid, our oil drilling hydroxyethyl cellulose can not only increase the yield of oil gas and prolong the lifespan of oil well, but also break the gel rapidly. The content of its residues produces low damage to drill core.

As a specialized oil drilling HEC manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide pharmaceutical xanthan gum, oil drilling PAC-LV, drilling mud fluid CMC, HPMC for building materials, and more.

Related Names
Drilling Mud Thickening Agent | Oil Well Emulsion Additive | Drill Bit Care Chemicals

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Local: Jinzhou - HB - Brazil
Carboxy methyl cellulose(cmc) and hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose(hpmc)

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