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Brazilian Development and Technology

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Carlos Alberto Tosta de Cerqueira Lima - Tecnólogo de Processo (Site oHub) Conexões: 1
Local: Salvador - BA - Brasil

Casebox Tecnologia ++ Design Conexões: 1
Local: Osasco - SP - Brazil
Design and development for plastic enclosures and technical parts for electronic devices such as medical and office communications equipment.  
Embalaplast Conexões: 1
Local: Pinhais - PR - Brazil
Manufacture of plastic packaging (trays, pallets, boxes) by vacuum forming process. Espessuras from 0. 30 to 12 mm, towers up to 400 mm in height and dimencionais ranging from 100 to 1600 mm.  
Expoente Conexões: 1
Local: Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil
Gipla (Site oHub) Conexões: 1
Local: São Paulo - SP - Brazil
Ingenus Soluções (Site oHub) Conexões: 1
Local: Osasco - SP - Brazil
Lutec (Site oHub) Conexões: 1
Local: Ribeirão Preto - SP - Brazil
Marcelo Coelho - Tecnico de Telecom (Site oHub) Conexões: 1
Local: Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil
Neimatec Topografia (Site oHub) Conexões: 1
Local: São Paulo - SP - Brazil
Wagner Bernardo - Engenheiro Eletronico (Site oHub) Conexões: 1
Local: Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil
MAPA Geoprocessamento Sales (Site oHub) Conexões: 0
Local: Suzano - SP - Brazil
3E Unicamp (Site oHub) Conexões: 0
Local: Campinas - SP - Brazil
Above-net (Site oHub) Conexões: 0
Local: Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil
ACS Consultoria (Site oHub) Conexões: 0
Local: Mogi das Cruzes - SP - Brazil
Aefix Soluções Gerenciais (Site oHub) Conexões: 0
Local: Caeté - MG - Brazil
Aires Elias Rocha - Tecnologo (Site oHub) Conexões: 0
Local: Taboão da Serra - SP - Brazil
Project e metalurgic  
Ajj Instrumentos (Site oHub) Conexões: 0
Local: São Paulo - SP - Brazil
Akros Tecnologia Conexões: 0
Local: São José dos Campos - SP - Brazil
Alfa Engenharia Virtual (Site oHub) Conexões: 0
Local: Piracicaba - SP - Brazil
Aline (Site oHub) Conexões: 0
Local: Engenheiro Coelho - SP - Brazil
The bralpack is recognized as pioneering in the equipment manufacture for codification what it fortified its participation in the brazilian market and americas in the following segments: our main products are the coders  
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