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Brazilian Computer Software and IT

  Administrative Systems (303)  
  Automation with Bar Code [oHub] (6)  
  CAD (47)  
  CAD: CAD Plotting Services (19)  
  CD and DVD Recording (71)  
  Clinical Management System (1)  
  Commercial Automation [oHub] (421)  
  Computer Supplies (756)  
  Consulting: Consultants Allocation (99)  
  Consulting (483)  
  Consulting: Consulting in Smart Card (23)  
  Courses (83)  
  Development of Games (31)  
  Development of Multimedia (82)  
  Document and Image Scanning [oHub] (112)  
  E-commerce (382)  
  Educational (49)  
  Employee Time Clock System [oHub] (65)  
  Generator Rental [oHub] (28)  
  Helpdesk (143)  
  Hosting (308)  
  Identification Cards (42)  
  Image Digitalization [oHub] (6)  
  Installation of Nets (533)  
  Internet Access Providers (89)  
  Internet Consulting Services (252)  
  Internet Courses and Training (70)  
  Intranet (252)  
  Intranet: Consulting in Intranet (59)  
  Intranet: Implantação of Intranet (86)  
  IT Equipments Rent: Notebooks (94)  
  IT Equipments Rent (449)  
  IT Equipments Rent: Desktop Computers (109)  
  IT Equipments Rent: Datashow e Projetores (92)  
  Maintenance of Equipments (649)  
  Maintenance of Equipments: Maintenance of Notebooks (211)  
  Payroll system [oHub] (45)  
  Processing of Images (53)  
  Several Services (420)  
  Software: Software for Hospital Area (26)  
  Software: Software for Engineering (31)  
  Software: Financial Software (73)  
  Software: Software for Area of Transport (34)  
  Software: Software for Agriculture (1)  
  Software: Juridical Software (24)  
  Software: Software for Factoring (15)  
  Software: Software for Commercial Automation [oHub] (8)  
  Software: Software for Schools (33)  
  Software: Software of External Trade (16)  
  Software: Administrative Software (126)  
  Software: Software for Registry (1)  
  Software: Software for Technical Support (40)  
  Software: Software for Human Resources (51)  
  Software: Information Security (60)  
  Software (1369)  
  Software: Development of Programs (322)  
  Software: Programs (116)  
  Software: Sales and Distribution (160)  
  Software: Educational Software (31)  
  Software: Software de Orçamento de Obra (2)  
  Store Management software [oHub] (392)  
  System Development (459)  
  Systems for Pharmacies and Drugstores [oHub] (1)  
  Systems for Transport (1)  
  Systems of Hospital Administration (1)  
  Systems of Municipal Public Administration (1)  






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