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Brazilian Ruby

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Carlos Eduardo Monteiro - Representante Conexões: 1
Local: Florianópolis - SC - Brazil
Sales praciosas stones, tourmaline blue neon eletric (paraíba tourmaline), top quality ruby,   ruby second quality, wholesale and retail. Among other stones.  

Eston Conexões: 1
Local: Florianópolis - SC - Brazil
Sales praciosas stones, paraiba tourmaline, ruby, gold, diamond, alexandrite, lunar and martian stones with documentation, fossils. Wholesale and retail . Among other stones.  
Isaias DA Silva Teixeira - Militar Conexões: 1
Local: Brasília - DF - Brazil
Alexandritas, large, medium, small, of excellent quality, rare gemstone, sell, exchange  
Acep - Agencia de Comercio Exterior Pauliquevis Conexões: 0
Local: Corumbá - MS - Brazil
Alexandre Argemiro Conexões: 0
Local: Fortaleza - CE - Brazil
Amorim Conexões: 0
Local: Santos - SP - Brazil
Ciel Dor Conexões: 0
Local: Itaboraí - RI - Brazil
Sell gold bars to investors and lovers of metal. Also sell jewelry and gemstones  
Izaque Floriano -agricultor Conexões: 0
Local: Miracatu - SP - Brazil
Jazidas DO Brasil - Whatsapp (55+31) 99773-1085 Conexões: 0
Local: Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil
Kimura Conexões: 0
Local: Fortaleza - CE - Brazil
Gold mines  
Lua Conexões: 0
Local: São Gabriel da Palha - ES - Brazil
Luismar Alves de Jesus Conexões: 0
Local: Catalão - GO - Brazil
Pruducto gems of minerals  
Márcio do Rosário - Economista Conexões: 0
Local: Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil
Marcio J Dias Autonomo Conexões: 0
Local: Pederneiras - SP - Brazil
Matias Pereira Conexões: 0
Local: Ribeirão Pires - SP - Brazil
Sales of precious stones such as: ruby, emerald, alexandrite and others.  
MR Gemas Conexões: 0
Local: Nova Era - MG - Brazil
Business in precious stones, emerald, aquamarine, ruby, sapphire.  
Odimar Fabeny Conexões: 0
Local: Blumenau - SC - Brazil
I sell sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines, aquamarines, smoky-quartz, others gemstones  
Radhiex Gems - Import e Export Conexões: 0
Local: Parnamirim - RN - Brazil
Purchase and sale of precious stones faceted, such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz imperial and diamond, distribution throughout brazil and abroad. Delivery is made in person, thus being able to verify the authenticity of the stones.  
Rizia Macedo Corretora Conexões: 0
Local: Manaus - AM - Brazil
Vangorni Conexões: 0
Local: Sao Jose do Rio Preto - SP - Brazil






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