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Brazilian Chemical Industry

  (see the companies below)  
  Agricultural Defensives (35)  
  Aromas (105)  
  Bleach (34)  
  Candles (28)  
  Cosmetics: Importation (102)  
  Cosmetics (474)  
  Despollutants (27)  
  Disinfectant (113)  
  Fibers and Polymers (130)  
  Fibers and Polymers: Consulting (34)  
  Fragrances (95)  
  Inks and Vernizes (135)  
  Lubricants (97)  
  Material of Hygiene and Cleaning (189)  
  Oxide of Zinc (24)  
  Petroquímica (188)  
  Pigments and Coloring (92)  
  Repellent (17)  
  Resins (117)  
  Services (129)  
  Treatment of Waters: Microorganism (43)  
  Treatment of Waters (127)  

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  1 found (showing from 1 to 1)
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